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Graphic Design for Print & Web

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Capital Logistics & Investigations

Adventure Club News, the official magazine of The Adventurers Club of Los Angeles

Healthcare Newsletter

Thursday Nite Treasure

Pine StreetT NY

Website Design and Admin

Insight University Spiral Graphic Illustration

Regal Pediatrician Directory

Regal Posters

Chavez & Breault

People Savvy

The Rec Room

The System – Website Illustration

Logo Design

Logo/identity: Iwo Jima Monument West

Logo Design

Hotel Map

Product Packaging

Groove Pad Website Keyart

Food Packaging

T-Shirt Design

Logo Design

Arts Council of The Conejo Valley Voice of The Arts Event Program Book

Badge Design for Fellow Adventurers' Club of Los Angeles Member

Business Card Design

Food Packaging Cheese Imported

A Design for a Cattle Brand

Food Packaging Cheese Imported

Food Packaging Desert

Food Packaging Gourmet Ready Meals Gelson

Food Packaging Salami Imported

Food Packaging Taro Chips Snackfood

HTML Emails

Insight Seminars

Logo Design for non-profit event

Logo Design Musical Program

Perfume Bottle Design

Program Book

Promotional Flyer for non-profit fund raiser

Rack Brochure Holiday Inn Woodland Hills

T-Shirt Design

T-Shirt Design

T-Shirt Design

T-shirt design for automotive parts company

Brochure for construction company

Social Cards for Boys and Girls Club

Business cards, envelopes, post cards, collateral

New Horizons Benefit Concert Book

Brochure for private high school

Academy Mixed Martial Arts, logo

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